December 27, 2004

The conclusion of the laswuit submitted by Future/Now and Mrs. Becky Derminer (Tyner) was sent by Muscle Music via 12-27-00 email.


We have received repeated inquiries for an update on the witch hunt against Wayne. Laurel Legler, David Thomas and Becky Derminer's (Tyner) disastrously executed attempt to take Wayne's rights to his own songs and force him into a film deal was a horrible failure and a global PR nightmare for Future/Now Films. The case was closed while DKT/MC5 were crisscrossing the globe.

Judge Smith's Ruling: "Since it appears that no further matters are required that this case remain open, or that the jurisdiction of this Court continue, it is ordered that the Trustee is discharged from his/her duties in this case, his/her bond is exonerated, and the case is closed." Simply put, they were blown out of the water.

Wayne and Muscle Music invested a great deal of time and money (just as the production crews who worked for next to nothing, the devoted fans who provided footage and who donated their hard-earned money) in making the documentary a reality. We are disappointed that the filmmakers stooped to such depths rather than honor their deal with us, but we are satisfied that justice was served.

April 25, 2004 The Open Letter from Dennis Thompson and Michael Davis
April 7, 2004 Susan Whitall agreed to translate and reprint her article on this website (thank you, Susan) and I posted the Japanese version. The original article is here.
April 5, 2004

It was December last year that I realized something was wrong with Future/Now. Around that time I was approached by a Japanese company which showed an interest in arranging a theatrical release of ATT in Japan. Having exchanged a couple of initial emails regarding this proposal, Future/Now suddenly fell completely silent. I sent a few followup emails urging their reply, but no answer came in. Finally I gave up, thinking some very serious problem must have occurred.

Then, January this year, through my correspondence with Svengirly Music about a separate matter, I happened to learn that there had been a problem between Future/Now and the surviving members of the MC5. I felt assured that the screening of the film in Japan would be infeasible in the foreseeable future.

It was on March 31 that Mick Farren forwarded me an article about ATT which appeared on the 3-31-04 Detroit News. (I received the same article directly from Future/Now thereafter.) It was going that Wayne blocked the release of ATT on DVD. Mr. Farren, who himself participated in the film answering to an interview, seemed to be very surprised at the news. You can read the article here.

I cannot reprint the article in Japanese here before obtaining the permission of the writer, Susan Whitall. As soon as she allows me to do so, I'll post the Japanese version. As a whole, it is written from the standpoint of Future/Now, and has thrown Wayne into the tremendous criticism.

While the Levis/commercialism controversy is settling, more intensive dispute is going on at Wayne's messasge board. Accordingly each of the surviving members posted own position statement on the newly formed DKT/MC5 website. As a start, I'm introducing Wayne's open letter in Japanese here with permission of Muscle Music. For the Japanese fans who don't know, Rebecca Derminer is Rob Tyner's widow. Wayne wrote a few times before that he was very thankful that the relationship with Rebecca and her family were being restored gradually through their participation in ATT. Now that their relationship has once again been completely destroyed, Wayne's disappointment and sorrow are unmeasurable.

I, myself, have shared some time with Laurel, David, and Jim at the Gothenberg Film Festival last winter. They were really kind and nice to me and I had a fantastic time. So, I'm very sad that such a problem should occur and it has become so much complicated.

My consolation, however, is that Wayne, Mike, and Dennis made their position clear and public so immediately. I imagine countless problems related to "licensing" happen over rock bands everywhere, but few of them are so candid and willing to make their opinion clear by themselves. This is a part of the MC5 legacy, and their fans should be proud.

Wayne's open letter in English is here .

August 3, 2003 ATT will be screened at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on Friday, August 15th at 7pm as part of the new 'DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK' FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL. The festival runs for 3 days, August 15-17 and features music, movies & performances.
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April 5, 2003 ATT will be screening at film festivals in San Francisco, New York City, and Australia. Click here.
February 15, 2003 Gothenburg Film Fesetival Report (English)
January 13, 2003 Information about the Gothenburg Film Festival