Brothers and sisters
We're all here to see the MC5 movie
What fills the air is a soft, genlte feeling of comradeship

A twinkle of sequins in the darkness
Streets of Detroit dimmed in orange flares
Saw Rob Tyner's eyes, wet and red as if he'd been crying
Heard Sinclair's voice coming out of the bottom of the earth
Didn't I see tears in John Landau's eyes
When he uttered, "they hired me"?

After several decades
One rock band
One era of rock
Resuscitated, with sound and pictures, ascended
And disappeared

This is nothing about the sentimental
A story of Motor City Rock'n'roll spirit
Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!

Here's a report of the screening of ATT in Gothenburg Film Festival.

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An old port town of Scandinavia
On a Thursday night when powdery snow was flying in the air
I pushed open a heavy wooden door of a theater on a corner
In front of me was a bar
Brightly lit, warm
And I saw those people