Excerpt from Paul Gray's home page
Archives & Stories Part 2 by Paul Gray
Used by permission of the author

The day after Marcs TV show, we headlined the Chelmsford "City Rocks" Festival. It was a monumental cock-up, minimal advertising leading to a minimal audience, many bands gave up, drank the minimal rider and went home. During our set, the crew decided to start stripping down the minimal PA as they hadn't been paid. We'd never pulled a gig in our life and weren't about to start now. The fact that Rob Tyner was present may have had something to do with it. He'd been the singer in the MC5, one of the most awesome bands ever and a huge influence on the Rods, and he was over here as a journalist writing about the punk scene for a Detroit mag. He came onstage and jammed with us - "Back in the USA" and "Gloria" I think. He'd put on a few pounds but jeez, what a voice! As the monitors blew up and the PA disappeared he could still be heard soaring above our backline. We decided to collaborate and on September 20 were back in Regent Sound to record two of his tracks, "Till the Night is Gone" and "Lets Rock". Although not the best songs ever written the tracks sounded good. Steve and I had developed into, and I quote from the NME, "a rhythm section with blind understanding and maximum power". We could second guess what each other were going to play next and instinctively slot in (this would remarkably happen with Rat Scabies a few years later too). Graeme's guitar playing was at its peak and no one could argue with That Voice. It didn't sell but we didn't care, we'd met and recorded with a hero. . . .