Thank you very much for visiting my MC5 website. As you'll find or have already found, a good part here is written in Japanese. I know that the language metamorphoses itself in your PC screen into something like encoded messages sent from the Mars and I feel guilty about it because many of you who are reading this text just now have given me a lot of motivation and inspiration to build this website. I'll try to put as much English as possible, so I'd appreciate your patience.

I began to create this site in early 2001 with a very clear vision, i.e., to get the legacy of the MC5 known to the YOUNG rock fans in Japan. After all, how can a band's name and their music survive unless they can connect with younger generations? And most of those young folks in this land of the rising sun don't understand English, don't know (should they've heard any of the MC5 songs) which member played what instrument, have no idea on which part of this planet the city called "Detoloito" is located, and almost none of them have knowledge about what happened in the Sixties , when some of their parents would still have been in diapers.

Yet, I thought they were worth addressing to because I'm seeing an interesting phenomenon unfolding in the Japanese rock scene - something that made me believe that Rock has taken unique evoluation in this isolated land in the Far East.

While Japan is the sescond-largest music market in the world following the U.S., the number of titles released each year in Japan is three times more than that of the U.S., which indicates that quite diversified music materials are available in Japan. It's a place which harbours--as a music journalist put it--"refugees from punk and glam and glitter and every past fad you care to name". It's a place where rock musicians are influenced by both British and American bands equally, and listeners have easy access to various audio equipments and gadgets which are sold on the streets like vegetables.

Having all this, I see that the Japanese young rock fans have made a unique turn. Otherwise, a band like T.M.G.E. , who namecheck Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, follow the lifestyle of Dr. Feelgood, and cover The Doors on stage, shouldn't have become so tremendously popular here.

I believe those youths will appreciate not only the music but the spirit represented by the MC5. Hopefully this website will help them approach the MC5 world and assist them to obtain some knowledge about the band and the social backdrop of the era they lived.

I also built this website based on my own understanding of the MC5 saga, i.e., a romance, meaning a medieval tale dealing with a hero of chivalry. I saw their story as a romantic rock adventure --- a dramatic and fantastic tale which will never repeat, never happen again, in any part of the world, in any age in the future, starting with a man who came from the South with a guitar and a boy playing together for an attractive lady they both love in a city called Detroit...

I'm extremely grateful to all those MC5 devotees who made the valuable information about the band available on the web. Had it not been for their great work and dedication, I couldn't have seen the day this site is up and running on the net now. And finally, my ultimate gratitude goes to my ex-husband, Mitsunori Akagawa, who, not only coordinated all hard/software for me to start a website but, with admirable patience, taught me how to use them when I "didn't know even the VERY basic operation of Mac!" (his words).

I expect that the contents here being written in Japanese will get you frustrated, but I hope you'll enjoy the photographs. Also, many of the pictures of theh discs/vinyl jackets have links to track listing, etc. And I would also hope you'll explore the links between the lines, which sometimes show you beautiful graphics.

Thank you again for visiting this website.

All the very best wishes,

Tokyo, Japan