Having gone through the long uphill struggle since the summer of 1995, the MC5 documentary film "MC5*A True Testimonial" finally hit the public screen. I wholeheartedly admire the altruistic labor and dedication of the people who participated in making this monumental movie.

The film was first screened on August 22, 2002 at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, which is to be followed by screening in other major cities around the world such as Tronto, London, and Amsterdam.

Soon after the first showing in Chicago, I found someone had posted a review of the film on Wayne Kramer's Message Board. John Griffin, currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was earnest and sincere enough to spend some time to let the other MC5 fans know how the film was like and his own experience. No sooner had I sent him an email to ask for permission to my borrowing his review on my website than he not only gave the generous approval but sent me an augmented, more detailed version of the original review. Thank you so much, John, for your cooperation.

Additionally, an underground Samurai magazine from Detroit, Creem, which has recently been reinstated on the web, carried an article about the film written by Brian J. Bowe - a very interesting piece including a lot of interviews with the ex-5 members, etc. I greatly appreciate the kind and immediate permission given by Robert Matheu, CEO&Pres. of the magazine, and Brian Bowe.

The third review was one of the several articles which David Thomas sent to me in March, 2003. It was written by The Seth Man and was posted on Julian Cope's website, Head Heritage, back in September, 2002. An amusing but insightful review which I think you'll appreciate.

March 2003

Review by John Griffin (August, 2002)

@ Article on Creem by Brian J. Bowe (October, 2002)

Article on Head Heritage by The Seth Man (September, 2002)