Quest, a Japanese bimonthly free paper, is going to feature the MC5 on their next issue (Vol. 16). It has a ciruclation of 10,000 copies and is distributed to CD shops, clothes shops, and clubs around Japan.

They picked up the MC5 as the special topic of Vol.16 and conducted an extensive research about the band and the people who are/were associated with them. An editor even flew to L.A., where he interviewed Wayne Kramer, Mike Davis, Mick Farren, Margaret Saadi, Angela Davis, and Steve Aoki (Dim Mak Records). Separate interviewes were also held with each of Dennis Thompson, Gary Grimshaw, and John Sinclair. Some photos are new and a selection of Gary's posters are introduced spending one full page.

I especially appreciate that Quest took interest in the "post-MC5" career/activities of the surviving members and shared good space to cover this (for example, how many of the foreign magazines have ever picked up and covered Wayne's "Was (Not Was)" album in their MC5 feature?). While doing this, Quest did not forget to share respectable space to cover Rob and Fred.

Unfortunately, the article is entirely written in Japanese, so the MC-Fivers in the English-speaking world cannot appreciate all this. Yet, isn't it nice and encouraging for you to know that the media interest in the MC5 keeps going on and the enthusiasm for the band is very contemporary in a country in the Far East?

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