Since this information is also referred to in the Link section, some of you may already know: You can buy the MC5 official merchandise on-line through the Svengirly Music website. The products sold include the items manufactured by a Japanese major apparel company, Hysteric Glamour, which is a premium fashion brand hugely popular among the Japanese girls. The firm is headed by a big MC5 fan, Nobuhiko Kitamura, who has launched various rock-related lines as a result of his devotion to rock'n'roll. The company is unique and known for their patronage for (often obscure but) talented photographers and has published many respectable quality photo books. This includes a beautiful little photo collection by Patti Smith, Cross Section, which was published in 2003.

So, visit the Svengirly Store and take a look at the cool items there. No wonder the non-Japanese would be astonished by the MC5 panties by Hysteric Glamour, but it's a kinda joke common in the Japanese commercial world, so dig it and how about giving it to your girlfriend as a gift to share your love for the band?!