Purity Accuracy: The Album (2005) Easy Action Recordings Ltd. EAR008
Other disc(s) which includes this track
Year/Place of Recording
1. Gotta Keep Movin' Human Being Lawnmower only 1970/Detroit An outtake of High Time
2. Baby Won't Ya Purity Accuracy only 1970/Detroit An outtake of High Time, sung by Fred Smith
3. Sister Ann Babes in Arms only 1970/London & Detroit An outtake of High Time
4. Over and Over Human Being Lawnmower only 1970/Detroit? Beautitul acoustic guitar instrumental track by Fred smith
5. Train Music (Gold) Purity Accuracy only, but it's a remix of Gold which is on Babes in Arms 1971/London Bass and piano played by Wayne Kramer
6. Pledge Song Power Trip only

1970/Head Sound Studios, Ypsilanti An outtake from High Time, instrurmental track
7. Tonight Babes in Arms only 1969/Detroit An outtake from Back In the USA
8. Human Being Lawnmower The American Ruse and Human Being Lawnmower only 1969/GM Studios, East Detroit An outtake from Back in the USA
9. Looking at You Babes in Arms, The Big Bang!, Thunder Express, Vintage Years Jan '68/United Sound Studios The original A-Square single version
10. Born under a Bad Sign Power Trip‚Ě‚Ý Sep 7 '68/First Unitarian Church, Detroit Performance at a church event. Rob's singing is awesome and freaked out.
11. I Want You Right Now Motor City Meltdown, Live Detroit 68/69, Power Trip Sep 8 '68/First Unitarian Church, Detroit
12. Motor City Is Burning Human Being Lawnmower and Ice Pick Slim only Oct 31 '68/
Grande Ballroom
The Oct. 31 version of the recording of Kick Out The Jams
13. Black To Comm Power Trip, Teenage Lust, Looking At You, Greatest Hits Live, Live Detroit 69/70 Jan 1 '70/
Saginaw Civic Center
These 2 tracks are widely used in other compilation albums, but put them here as the performance is great.
14. Revolutionary Blues Starship, Motor City Is Burning, Black to Comm, Greatest Hits Live Jun 27 '68/
Sturgis Armory
15. Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) Sonic Revolution DVD Mar 13 '03/
100 Club
It was the opener of the 100 Club gig. Put it here as something to represent a MC5 in the new millennium.
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